According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are approximately 4.7 million dog bites in the United States each year. Dog bites can cause significant and unique injuries, such as rabies and other infections, fractures, and circulation issues. Even a bite that appears harmless can present life-altering complications that become life-threatening if they go untreated. The CDC reports that almost 20% of dog bites become infected, but timely medical care can help prevent an infection.

After you receive any necessary emergency medical treatment, you should quickly report the dog bite to the local police department and animal control agency, whether you know the dog’s owner or not. You should also report the dog bite to any other entities associated with the location of the bite. For example, if a dog bites you at an apartment complex, notify the property management immediately. It is crucial that every bite a dog inflicts is recorded with the proper authorities.

In Texas, holding a dog owner liable for injuries caused by the dog could require proving that the dog has bitten or attacked someone previously. Just think… What if you were not the first person this dog attacked, but no victim before you ever reported a bite from that same dog? Report the bite to protect both your rights and anyone else that encounters the dog after you. Perdue & Kidd CAN help you investigate the dog’s history and find the information necessary to hold the dog owner accountable.

There Is Liability Coverage

Last year, homeowners’ insurers paid out $675 million in liability claims related to dog-related injuries. However, as with all personal injury claims, you should not try to pursue compensation for injuries on your own. An insurance company does not have your best interest in mind. They will try to get you to sign a release before you appreciate the seriousness of your injuries. Do not attempt to go toe-to-toe with the insurance company by yourself. To get the best recovery, you need a strong and respected law firm that understands the nuanced law in Texas as it relates to holding dog owners—and other entities—responsible for a dog attack.

For example, where the dog attack occurs makes a significant difference in your case; the location affects who can potentially be held liable and what you must prove to recover compensation from them. Did your neighbor Bill’s German Shepard bite you in your front yard? Or was it in Bill’s front yard? (Oh and does Bill own or rent his house?) Did a stranger’s pit bull bite you at a public dog park? Or was it at a dog park at an apartment complex? Or was it on a patio at your favorite restaurant or watering hole? Pursuing a dog bite claim in Texas is far more complex than you might suspect, but PERDUE & KIDD can help identify all the potential sources of recovery and help you get the best recovery possible.

Contact An Experienced Attorney

Dog bites are not to be taken lightly, and dog attack injuries are not just limited to bites. An aggressive dog could attack you and cause serious injuries without ever biting you, Whether you have been injured by a dog bite or dog attack, call PERDUE & KIDD today because there is a fight ahead. Let us fight for you.


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