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Common Sources of Liability in Oil Field Accidents

Oilfield and oil refinery accident cases are all too common. These sites are inherently hazardous due to this flammable, volatile resource. Safety can only be assured if all equipment is frequently inspected and maintained and if personnel adhere to safety protocols and stay alert. Unfortunately, serious accidents still occur and frequently involve negligence. A lawyer on our team is able to identify the points of negligence and the party or parties at fault. Common accidents and sources of liability include:

Explosions and Fires

An oil rig collapse, well blowout, or other situation resulting in oil or gas exploding or catching fire is one of the biggest risks of working in an oilfield. 

Equipment Malfunctions

Such incidents are usually the result of manufacturing defects or improper use and maintenance.

Lax Safety Standards or Site Maintenance

Employers are required to maintain stringent safety standards to protect workers. This includes ensuring there is proper safety gear for workers and that the site is well-maintained and orderly with precautions in place to prevent accidents.

Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals

Hazardous fumes and liquids abound at these sites and exposure can lead to chemical burns or illnesses that may not become evident until some time afterwards.

Poorly Trained Workers

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure all workers are properly trained on equipment use, safety procedures, maintenance, and so forth.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

This is one of the most common causes of injury and can be a mix of negligence from poor site maintenance, a distracted co-worker, equipment failure, etc.

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What We Do for Our Clients

When a worker comes to us after being seriously injured in an oil field accident, we work to determine who is at fault and provide strong evidence that shows the insurance company what the full damages were. An attorney with us gets our clients the outcome they need in order to get their life back on track through the application of our expertise in personal injury law at every step of the case:

  1. Gathering and preservation of evidence 
  2. Investigation to obtain additional evidence from the oil field site
  3. Consultation with experts on the evidence found
  4. Establishing liability
  5. Negotiation with the responsible party or their insurer
  6. Filing a lawsuit and going to trial if necessary if negotiation fails 

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Perdue & Kidd Trial Lawyers was founded by Jim M. Perdue, Jr. and Donald Kidd based on the shared philosophy that success in helping individuals facing life-changing injuries comes from personalized representation and doing things the right way. Jim and Donald have over 50 years of combined trial experience and their fierce advocation on behalf of clients has earned them state and national awards and recognitions. We are not interested in handling high volumes of claims—we represent individuals. You deserve to have an oil field accident lawyer in Houston on your side who knows how to get your story told and turn the tables on insurance companies trying to delay your claim.

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