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18- Wheeler Accidents

  • Trial Verdict: 18 Wheeler crash in Cuero, Texas, resulting in our client suffering life-threatening injuries and becoming a quadriplegic. The jury ruled in favor of our client and awarded him $ 40 million in damages.  
  • Settlement: 18 Wheeler crash in Dallas, Texas resulting in brain damage to our client and the death of her son– Settled for a confidential amount
  • Settlement: An 18-wheeler Crash Caused Serious Physical Injuries and Brain Damage — The firm achieved a confidential settlement for our client to address his medical needs, and rehabilitative care, and to replace future lost wages. Our client was driving within his lane when hit by the truck driver. The firm’s discovery of driving records helped establish that the driver failed multiple times to follow the “Rules of the Road.”
  • 18-wheeler/18-wheeler crash (confidential settlement): Our client was an 18-wheeler driver who got hit from behind by another 18-wheeler on the freeway. Our client suffered injuries to his neck and shoulder that required surgery. Don Kidd was lead counsel in the lawsuit filed against the negligent trucking company and driver. The case results were a confidential settlement after we developed evidence proving the truck driver’s negligence. Don Kidd also settled our client employer’s lost revenue claim resulting from the crash.
  • 18-wheeler/pickup truck crash (confidential settlement): Our client suffered serious orthopedic injuries to his legs when his pickup truck collided with an 18-wheeler that was making an illegal U-turn. Our client’s injuries required surgical intervention that included hardware placement. He later had two surgeries to remove the hardware because it had become symptomatic. Don Kidd was lead counsel in the lawsuit filed against the negligent trucking company and driver. The case reached a confidential settlement before trial.

Medical Malpractice

  • Medical Malpractice: Confidential Settlement–The client suffered injuries to her bladder during a cystoscopy and settled for a confidential amount.
  • Diabetes Medical Malpractice Death (confidential settlement): The widow and Parents of a patient hired Jim Perdue, Jr. to bring a wrongful death action against the doctor and hospital. Our client went to the hospital ER and had a diabetic crisis and was admitted, but multiple delays in testing and treatment while in the ICU led to his death. The case was settled to the family’s benefit.
  • Medical Malpractice: We obtained one of the Texas Lawyer's Top three medical malpractice verdicts of 2012 in a lawsuit tried in Jefferson County. We represented a widow who lost her husband needlessly to a heart attack after waiting in a hospital for nearly 13 hours for a doctor to come to treat him. While the claims against the hospital and multiple physicians were resolved, the firm went to trial against a remaining physician defendant who refused to settle.
  • Anesthesia Malpractice Death (settlement): A two-year-old child went in for ear tubes and ended up dying while under anesthesia. His mother hired the firm with Jim Perdue, Jr. as lead counsel. The firm sued the outpatient surgical facility which had minimal policies in place for children and the attending anesthesiologist. A confidential settlement was reached.
  • Chemotherapy Overdose Malpractice (confidential settlement): After being told she had cancer and needed to undergo immediate chemotherapy, our client was admitted to the wrong ward of the hospital late in the day. A prescription error led to four days of improper administration of toxic chemotherapy, a massive overdose, and extensive treatments leaving the client permanently deaf. The patient and her husband retained Jim Perdue, Jr. and obtained a confidential settlement.
  • Hospital Failure to Transfer (settlement): The firm represented the parents of a 1-year-old girl who was brought to the hospital with a history of intestinal obstruction. Despite the history, the hospital kept the young child under a diagnosis of non-specific infection until she suffered a cardiac arrest. She was transferred to higher-care hospital where the intestinal obstruction blocking her small bowel was treated by surgically removing much of her bowel. A confidential settlement was reached benefiting the child’s future care and education
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Medical Negligence

  • Settlement: Medical Negligence: Jim Perdue, Jr. and Don Kidd represented a dentist who suffered neurologic deficits following a myelogram. It was alleged that the neuroradiologist negligently injected dye into the dentist’s spinal column which resulted in numbness in his hands. The dentist was unable to practice dentistry and had to sell his practice. Perdue & Kidd achieved a settlement with the neuroradiologist for a confidential amount.
  • Trial verdict Medical Negligence: Jim Perdue, Jr. represented the husband and son of a woman who died as a result of medical negligence by Christus St. Catherine Hospital in Katy, Texas.
  • Lost Blood Culture Report Allowed Infection to Eat Away Bone: Confidential Settlement – The law firm reached a confidential settlement with a hospital and two doctors. Our client came into the hospital with multiple symptoms and had blood taken for tests, including one for infection. The test results came back on New Year’s Day and were merely put in the file. The staffing and procedures used over a holiday at the hospital were horribly inadequate and the doctor failed to follow up on the test ordered. The doctors denied they had ever seen it, but the result eventually appeared in the computerized records system.

Motor Vehicle Collision

  • Motor Vehicle Collision: After a T-bone collision with a commercial vehicle, our client sustained a severe neck injury requiring a multi-level cervical fusion. The business owner maintained a commercial casualty policy and Perdue & Kidd filed suit under that insurance coverage. After litigating the case we successfully obtained a substantial confidential settlement.
  • Motor vehicle crash in Galveston, Texas: Confidential Settlement – resulting in serious back injuries to our client – Settled with the third party and the client’s underinsured motorist insurer for a confidential amount.
  • Rear-end crash (settlement): Our client was a passenger in his boss’ pickup truck on his way to work when another truck smashed into it from the rear. Our client suffered injuries to his neck, back, and hand. Don Kidd successfully resolved the case without having to file a lawsuit.

Motorcycle Collision

  • Motorcycle Collision: We settled a claim on behalf of the family of a man who was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a truck.
  • Automobile/Motorcycle crash (settlement): Our client was a motorcycle police officer who was escorting an oversized load. A car disregarded the officer’s directions, lights, and siren and ran into the officer causing serious orthopedic injuries and brain damage. Don Kidd was lead counsel in the lawsuit filed against the negligent driver. A settlement was reached on the eve of the trial.
  • Settlement: Motorcycle/cow crash: Our client was injured when she collided with a cow that wandered onto a Farm to Market road in Galveston County. Donald Kidd achieved a settlement for our client for a confidential amount.


  • Negligent Supervision: Perdue & Kidd represented the family of a teenage girl who died in a home for girls. We obtained a confidential settlement for property and casualty insurance policy limits prior to filing a lawsuit.
  • Settlement – Financial Adviser misconduct: Our client’s financial adviser improperly managed her accounts over a 9-month period. The financial adviser had placed our client in highly risky inverse ETFs and leveraged inverse ETFs, which was inappropriate for our client’s risk tolerance. We pursued claims against the financial adviser and his employer arising from the Texas Securities Act and the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Don Kidd achieved a confidential settlement for our client through mediation within 5 months of receiving the case

Workers Compensation

Worker’s Compensation Non-Subscriber: We obtained an arbitration award on behalf of a hospital employee who was injured at work due to an unreasonably dangerous condition. The hospital did not subscribe to workmen’s compensation insurance and invoked an arbitration provision in the employee’s contract of employment. Perdue & Kidd presented the case in a contested arbitration proceeding and won a substantial award on behalf of the injured employee.

Pharmacy Error

Pharmacy Error: Confidential Settlement – The firm settled the claim of a five-year-old boy who was rushed to the hospital after taking medication as prescribed by his doctor. The problem was that the pharmacist had filled the bottle with pills three/four times the dosage that was prescribed. Fortunately, the child did not have severe injuries. The case was settled for a confidential amount without the need to file a lawsuit.

Zip Line Accident

Injury on a zip line: Our client suffered a fractured femur when she was on a zip line excursion from a cruise ship in the rainforest of Central America. Perdue & Kidd's lawyers were able to navigate the legal issues involved such that a confidential settlement was achieved for our client within one year of being retained.

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Accidental Shooting

Accidental Shooting Death: Confidential Settlement – Our client was a mother whose only son was accidentally shot and killed by his college roommate. Don Kidd filed a negligence case against the shooter for failing to properly handle the handgun. Insurance coverage for the non-intentional shooting was found in the shooter’s parents’ homeowners policy and a settlement was reached.

Wrongful Death

Trial verdict – Wrongful Death: Donald Kidd and Jim Perdue, Jr. represented the widow and children of an immigrant laborer who was killed in a workplace accident. The trial lasted 7 days in the 164th District Court, Harris County, Texas.

Policy Limits

Policy limits settlement – Outpatient Medical Procedure Resulted in Massive Brain Damage: The firm reached a policy limits settlement with a radiologist and his group, investing much of the recovery in annuities to provide for the institutional nursing care the patient will need for the rest of his life. The outpatient radiology procedure involved an injection of steroid solution in the neck near the nerves. The firm contended the injection went into the vertebral artery and caused a massive bleed in the brain.

Sexual Assault

Trial verdict – Sexual Assault Trial: On June 11, 2008, Jim Perdue Jr., with his co-counsel Paul D. Clote, obtained a significant verdict for a brother and sister who were assaulted and sexually assaulted by a family confidante while they were minors. In Cause no. 2006-38382; Johnson v. Dinesh Shah et al, In the 295th District Court Harris County, Texas, Perdue & Kidd with their co-counsel vindicated the plaintiffs and held a dangerous predator accountable for his actions.

Product Liability

Transvaginal Mesh Trial Against Boston Scientific: Perdue & Kidd attorney Jim Perdue, Jr. led the trial team representing four women who suffered serious injuries from Boston Scientific’s faulty Pinnacle mesh device. A Miami federal court jury awarded the plaintiffs $26.7 million in November 2014.

Premises Liability

Premises Liability: We represented a client who was injured by a defective condition at a swimming pool in his apartment complex. We were able to reach a confidential settlement without filing a lawsuit.

Auto Manufacture

GM Trailblazer rollover: The firm represented the surviving parents of a teenage boy tragically killed when the SUV manufactured by General Motors rolled over, crushing him. Despite claims the boy was at fault, the family was able to obtain a confidential settlement for the loss of their child.

Personal Injury

Hunting Accident: Perdue & Kidd attorneys Don Kidd successfully represented our client who was shot in the leg at a hunting camp. A jury awarded $1.85 million in damages after the week-long trial in August 2014.

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