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Because Perdue & Kidd is tenacious about applying the law with honesty and integrity with the utmost in specialized skill, success for our clients tends to naturally follow. That is why Mr. Perdue and Mr. Kidd are passionate about helping fellow attorneys across the country share in our knowledge and experience through Continued Legal Education seminars and courses. 

Perdue & Kidd: Providing the Highest Levels of Trial Advocacy and Personalized Representation with National Scope

Donald Kidd and Jim Perdue, Jr. are board-certified in Personal Injury Trial Law and share over 50 years of combined experience being fierce advocates for people and families who have been hurt by the negligence and wrongdoing of corporations and other parties. Mr. Perdue is also board-certified in Medical Professional Liability law and a member of the select, invitation-only Summit Council for being dedicated to the highest levels of trial advocacy and obtaining justice for individuals and their families. Our full team of lawyers boasts well over 100 years of shared excellence, providing the top quality and expert attention to detail that an elite national firm of trial attorneys can provide. 

Part of what sets Perdue & Kidd apart is our client-centric approach to representation. Rather than handling large numbers of claims like some sort of lawsuit mill, we advocate for the individual before us. We understand how catastrophic it is for you and your family when someone’s negligence turns everything upside down. The damages go beyond the severe financial costs of medical bills and lost income. When you have been hurt by someone’s wrongdoing, you could be facing a lifetime of disability requiring a sharp pivot in the path you were on. We make the insurance companies pay attention to what is happening to you and make sure your story is told effectively. Getting the liable parties held accountable for their harmful negligent actions can be a powerful boost to recovery in and of itself.

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Jim M. Perdue, Sr: A Legend in Advocacy Of Counsel for Perdue & Kidd

Jim Perdue, Sr. is a pioneer in the landscape of injury trial law. Forbes magazine called him the “King of Texas Medical Malpractice Lawyers” and he has certainly set the stage for his son and all trial attorneys who are passionate advocates for victims of catastrophic injuries and the loss of a family member at the hands of gross negligence. He has secured multi-million-dollar verdicts and recoveries for clients in some cases that were considered unprecedented at the time. His successes for clients and his commitment to helping other attorneys in their dedication to being powerful advocates have resulted in over 400 presentations to legal professionals and others as well as innumerable texts and treatise publications.

A Distinguished Career

Mr. Perdue is recognized for blazing the trail for the method of getting jurors and other members of the court to step into the shoes of the plaintiff by effectively telling his or her story through narrative. This method was so effective and sought after by peers that he became known as the “Father of Texas Courtroom Story Telling” after his two publications, Who Will Speak for the Victim? (1989) and Winning with Stories (2006).

Mr. Jim Perdue, Sr.’s career spans over 60 years and he continues to be a frequent speaker at legal education conferences across the United States. Perdue & Kidd is beyond fortunate to have this legendary, dedicated legal professional on our team.

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