These days our lives are busy. We always seem to have some place to be and something to do — taking the kids to school, soccer practice, band practice, not to mention your commute to and from work. We are constantly on the go and on the road. A 2017 Texas Motor Vehicle Crash report revealed that there was one reportable crash every 59 seconds — and one person injured every 2 minutes. For those involved in crashes, the biggest question is often whether they should hire a personal injury attorney for their claims. The short answer is “Yes.”

You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney if:

  • You’ve suffered serious injuries
  • You’ve suffered long-term or permanent injuries
  • The insurance company refuses to pay

What is a Serious Injury?

It is important to see a doctor immediately following a car crash even if you are not immediately experiencing pain symptoms. Many muscular and neurologic injuries do not manifest for 24 to 36 hours after a crash. Here are some of the most common serious injuries incurred after a car accident.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Muscle and Tendon Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Head and Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Herniated Vertebral Disks
  • Neck and Back Injuries
  • Broken Bones

The Insurance Company is Not Your Friend!

Although you pay your premium every month or have known your agent for years they are not on your side. Insurance companies hate to pay claims and will use any trick to avoid paying fair claims. Insurance companies want you to give recorded statements and provide medical records all while promising that they are “fairly evaluating” your claim. Then, they offer less than the cost of your medical expenses. Therefore talk to a lawyer before you talk to the insurance company.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney at Perdue & Kidd

So if you’ve been seriously injured in a crash, contact our personal injury law firm. We offer a free consultation and represent clients nationwide. Contact us today.

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