Car Accidents

The Texas Department of Transportation reported in 2020 that the death toll from motor vehicle traffic fatalities was 3,896, a 7.54% increase from the previous year. The department also reported that there have been 12,107 serious crashes that led to 14,656 people sustaining serous injuries in 2020. There were no deathless days in Texas in 2020 related to car wrecks. With the increase in wrecks and injuries, more often than not insurance companies will not work in your best interest for you to seek recovery or resolution. Often, insurance companies are concerned with limiting risk for themselves, effectively not doing what is right for an injured party in a devastating car accident. In Texas, the statute of limitation for an injury or death is only two years. This means that you only have two years to pursue a recovery from the right party. Negotiating with an insurance adjuster can be frustrating and take months or even years. The only way to get the insurance companies to do the right thing is by hiring an attorney. In their risk analysis, the insurance companies will recognize the additional risk that is involved for them when an experienced Texas personal injury attorney is involved. A lawyer will add value to your case by doing the work required to prepare your case for trial.

Several things can occur if you do not hire a lawyer that could be detrimental to your case. Insurance companies will try to hurt your case by trying to take a statement from you, by having you sign documents that could waive your claims, or prematurely settle your case for a fraction of what it is truly worth. It is critical to have an attorney to review any documents that are required to be signed, present you for any statements, or to file a lawsuit if the insurance company is not playing ball. It is important that you only focus on getting healthier as a result of your injuries and let a Texas personal injury lawyer focus on pursuing your claim.

Do I need to hire an attorney?

Hiring a personal injury attorney is critical in order to receive the highest possible recovery that is available to you without any undue delay. Many people injured as the result of the negligence of a third party might be reluctant to hire a lawyer. This is because people do not want to have to spend money unnecessarily if they feel that a personal injury claim might be something that they could handle themselves. In Texas, the standard method of payment for a personal injury attorney is through what is called a contingency fee. This means that a personal injury lawyer won’t ever send you a bill, invoice, or receipt. The lawyer would get paid by taking a percentage of whatever the recovery is. That is the case if the recovery is through a settlement or through a jury trial. If, for whatever reason, there is no recovery, then you would not have to pay the lawyer anything. The statute of limitation to recover for an injury or death resulting from negligence is only two years. You only have two years to pursue a recovery from a negligent party. Insurance will delay investigating the claim, taking reasonable efforts to respond to you timely, and give you an appropriate response to your claim until this limitation expires. Hiring an experienced Texas personal injury attorney will ensure that the insurance companies take you and your claim seriously. If the insurance companies are not willing to cooperate, then a lawyer can file a lawsuit to make certain that they do so.

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