Plant Explosions and Refineries

Texas is home to several petrochemical plants and refineries. Houston alone accounts for over 42% of the nation’s base petrochemical capacity. Many of these facilities sometimes fail to provide proper safety protocols, appropriate oversight and training, appropriate protective equipment, and proper maintenance. Failing in one or more of these factors can lead to explosions, injuries, and exposure to toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, in these situations, employers are looking out in their best interest to shield themselves from legal exposure. That is why it is critical to hire an experienced Texas personal injury attorney who specializes in yielding the highest possible recovery for you and your family.

In Texas, the statute of limitation to recover for an injury or death resulting from negligence is only two years. This means that you only have two years to pursue a recovery from the right parties. Because petrochemical plants and refineries have companies or sub-contractors working on a single operation at one time, it can be difficult to investigate and find out who the negligent party is before your two years runs out without a lawyer. This is what an attorney is for. An experienced Texas personal injury attorney will use a lawsuit and diligently navigate through the discovery process to find out who all needs to be sued for an injury or death, who is at fault, and what percentage of fault should be attributed to all liable parties. An attorney will explore all available avenues of recovery that sometimes you can’t think of. In these complex issues, the earlier you reach out to an attorney following your injury or the injury or death of a family member, the higher your odds are of recovering the compensation you are owed under Texas law.

Do I need to hire an attorney?

Hiring a personal injury attorney is critical in order to receive the highest possible recovery that is available to you without any undue delay. Many people injured as the result of the negligence of a third party might be reluctant to hire a lawyer. This is because people do not want to have to spend money unnecessarily if they feel that a personal injury claim might be something that they could handle themselves. In Texas, the standard method of payment for a personal injury attorney is through what is called a contingency fee. This means that a personal injury lawyer won’t ever send you a bill, invoice, or receipt. The lawyer would get paid by taking a percentage of whatever the recovery is. That is the case if the recovery is through a settlement or through a jury trial. If, for whatever reason, there is no recovery, then you would not have to pay the lawyer anything. The statute of limitation to recover for an injury or death resulting from negligence is only two years. You only have two years to pursue a recovery from a negligent party. Insurance will delay investigating the claim, taking reasonable efforts to respond to you timely, and give you an appropriate response to your claim until this limitation expires. Hiring an experienced Texas personal injury attorney will ensure that the insurance companies take you and your claim seriously. If the insurance companies are not willing to cooperate, then a lawyer can file a lawsuit to make certain that they do so.

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