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Lawsuits related to medical products are not like traditional personal injury lawsuits. Whether it is a prescription drug or an over-the-counter product, a lawsuit related to a medical product will involve a mixture of both state and federal laws. It is important that you hire a law firm that understands the regulatory process for medical products and knows how to navigate the complex nature of medical product claims. With prescription drugs, it is not uncommon for people to think that their doctor did something wrong by prescribing a dangerous drug. However, doctors trust pharmaceutical companies to accurately disclose the risks associates with a drug. If the pharmaceutical company fails to accurately test a product, or withholds important information about the drug’s risks, doctors are prescribing a dangerous drug they believe is safe. Perdue & Kidd’s Defective drug lawyers know the investigation necessary to determine whether a drug was properly tested and marketed. If a defective medical product is causing injuries to people across the country, it’s possible that hundreds or thousands of lawsuits will be consolidated in one court. The procedures involved in nationwide medical product litigation are unique and complicated. You need to hire a law firm that is equipped to manage medical product cases and adapt to the requirements of Courts across the country. If a prescription drug or an over-the-counter medical product has hurt you, please call Perdue & Kidd today. One of our medical product lawyers will educate you about the process and help you investigate your claim.

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

Yes, you need to hire a lawyer. If you have been injured because of someone’s wrongdoing, there is a good change you will have to face an insurance company. You should not fight the insurance company alone. The insurance company does not have be fair or reasonable with you, and its number one priority is to settle your claim for as little as possible; or worse, convince you that you are not entitled to any compensation. When you hire Perdue & Kidd, you are hiring a team of experts that knows the tricks and lies that insurance companies to try to diminish the value of your claim. You also need to hire a lawyer because you need someone who understands the ever-changing laws in Texas. In a car accident case, it’s not just about traffic laws. In a workplace injury case, it’s not just about workers compensation. Each personal injury is governed by rules and laws that can limit, or even preclude your right to recovery. Perdue & Kidd’s lawyers know the law in Texas because Perdue & Kidd’s lawyers help shape the law in Texas. Perdue & Kidd’s lawyers represent individuals in a vast spectrum of personal injury cases. Our lawyers’ decades of experience comes from successfully fighting for people in cases related to 18-wheeler accidents, medical malpractice, slip-and-falls, dog bites, workplace injuries, sexual assaults, and dangerous medical devices and drugs. If you have been injured by someone’s wrongdoing, you need to call a lawyer. You need to call Perdue & Kidd.

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