Medical Negligence

  • Settlement: Medical Negligence: Jim Perdue, Jr. and Don Kidd represented a dentist who suffered neurologic deficits following a myelogram. It was alleged that the neuroradiologist negligently injected dye into the dentist’s spinal column that resulted in numbness in his hands. The dentist was unable to practice dentistry and had to sell his practice. Perdue & Kidd achieved a settlement with the neuroradiologist for a confidential amount.
  • Trial verdict Medical Negligence: Jim Perdue, Jr. represented the husband and son of a woman who died as a result of medical negligence by Christus St. Catherine Hospital in Katy, Texas.
  • Lost Blood Culture Report Allowed Infection to Eat Away Bone: Confidential Settlement – The law firm reached a confidential settlement with a hospital and two doctors. Our client came into the hospital with multiple symptoms and had blood taken for tests, including one for infection. The test results came back on New Year’s Day and were merely put in the fie. The staffing and procedures used over a holiday at the hospital were horribly inadequate and the doctor failed to follow up on the test ordered. The doctors denied they had ever seen it, but the result eventually appeared in the computerized records system.


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